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Page Card

Page Card

Our Card offers customers ultimate convenience and control of the available money in their Page All-in-One Account. With acceptance of the Page Card in major ATMs, POS and Online Retail websites in Nigeria, you are assured you can access funds in your Page Account while withdrawing Cash and making payments in retail stores and online retail websites.


Features of the Page Card

  • Conveniently access your Page Account anywhere in Nigeria using any ATM or POS terminal and Online Payment
  • Multiple layers of added security during transaction through Card Secure Code, which is another level of authentication available on various online merchant websites.
  • Simplifies your budget by deducting straight from your Page Account. Hence, you have an electronic record and can keep track of your spending online real time.


Activate your Page Card

Your card comes inactive, to start using your Page Card, you have to generate your default PIN by logging into your Internet Platform. Once you have logged in successfully go to the Generate Default PIN menu under Card Services and follow the instruction on the page.

Please ensure you change your default pin at any ATM to activate your card.


For optimal use and protection of your card, please note the following:

  • Keep your card and PIN safe from other people.
  • Do not respond to any request (internet, email, SMS) asking for your card and/or PIN details.
  • For lost, stolen cards and enquiries please contact us on 01-631 PAGE (7243) or send an email to page@pagefinancials.com


Page Card FAQs


What Can I do with my Page Card?

  • Allows you to make withdrawals and purchases on any ATM, POS and Online Retail websites in Nigeria.
  • You get 24/7 direct access to your personal funds allowing you pay for goods and services anytime.
  • Your card remains valid for three years.



Daily Transaction Limits


The following daily transaction limits apply to all Page Card Transaction:

  • Cash Withdrawal of a Maximum of N160, 000.00 from all ATMs
  • Point of Sale (POS) to a maximum of N1, 000, 000.00 Daily
  • Online Transactions to a maximum of N500, 000.00


Transaction Disputes

Please log all transaction disputes via either of the following channels:


Lost or Stolen Card

For lost, stolen cards and enquiries please contact us on 01-631 PAGE (7243) or send an email to customer@pagefinancials.com