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Our Services


Consumer Loans

Page offers easily accessible consumer and business loans to our customers through our simple, innovative, technologically advanced and transparent services backed with our highly competitive rates and service guarantees.


Our focus is on absolute customer satisfaction, so our supportive Service Engagement Executives will always follow through on clients’ requests using our innovatively automated operational system to ensure a seamless process, strictly for our clients’ convenience.


Page Loans are characterized by the following:

  • We can lend to individuals and corporate organisations
  • No management fees
  • No collaterals
  • No guarantors
  • Instant approval after assessment
  • 3hrs disbursement on approval
  • Automated platforms and easily accessible services
  • Cashless transactions


Funds Management

This entails the management of funds on behalf of customers/ clients based on agreed tenor and rate. Page’s funds management portfolio are efficient investment platforms that enables our clients to achieve both their long or short term financial goals. They serve as security for customers’ financial lives or as targeted savings for specific projects.


Investing with Page affords customers highly competitive interest rates, giving the average middle class, high net worth individuals and corporations the opportunity to invest and earn good returns on their investment.


All funds are NDIC insured and with continuous savings, our customers enjoy our Page Loyalty Benefits throughout the life of their investment.



  • Highly competitive interest rates
  • Minimum deposit amount of N50,000.00
  • Minimum 60 days tenor
  • Convenient rollover options
  • Interest payable upfront or back end
  • Monthly interest payable into any nominated account
  • Option of quarterly interest on deposits




Asset Finance: Whether it’s a new car, a new phone or furniture, we offer personal and flexible financing for property, vehicles and lifestyle assets. Customers can view and manage your finance online.

Project Finance: Our Project Finance is a solution that assists businesses with solving cash flow issues due to growth related challenges in their business. Project Finance is for either a once-off need or for regular use in your business – for 1 or 2 or 3-month terms. If your business is contract or project based – then our project finance is a match for you.

Debt Factoring: We offer debt factoring services for clients that need their loans or receivables bought at a discount and making a profit from their collection.

Debt Securitization: We help clients transform identified pools of contractual debt/ receivables into marketable securities e.g. bonds through suitable repackaging of cash-flows that they generate.

Debt Administration: We provide debt/ loan restructuring services to clients facing cash flow problems. This involves the alteration of the terms of the debt agreement to restore liquidity to the client’s business.

Financial Consultancy: We specialise in providing clients with quality, professional and reliable financial advice. Whatever your requirements or financial situation, we can ensure that we find the best solution for you.

Covered Bonds: Our Covered Bonds are collateralised against a pool of assets that, in case of failure of the issuer, can cover claims at any point of time.

Issuing of vouchers, coupons, cards and token stamps: This service extends to all payments solutions and payments systems.


Some of our recent service inclusions are the Page Overdraft, Page Ease Loans, Back 2 School Loans, Independent Salary Domiciliation and Complimentary Overdrafts for Deposits and Page Ease Loans.