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6 Things To Check When Buying A Nigerian Used Car

posted on Jan 8, 2021 |   1092 likes


Don't Buy A Nigerian Used Car Without Reading This Post

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Buying a used car here in Nigeria can be exciting – you finally found someone willing to sell your dream car for much lesser the amount for an imported one.


At a glance, it looks like the best deal and you want to jump on it immediately…but hold on a minute, not until you check out the six things we are about to show you.


Our goal is to make sure that you live life to the fullest, while we inspire you with educative contents that will help you make smart choices when it concerns to your financial goals.


Now to the car, if you do not have much mechanical experience with cars, you might need a mechanic with you to help you analyze certain areas. This is necessary because buying a vehicle that is appealing to the eye but is full of hidden repairs can be a depressing and expensive mistake.



1.    Exterior Look


This is where to start from, there is no wisdom in buying something that won’t give you Joy when you look at it.


First, make sure the car is parked on level ground because it makes it easier to access the vehicle when you are inspecting, then check the following exterior components.


Body Paint: Look for dents, rust, or scratches that could indicate past and future deterioration.


Trunk: Usually a good indicator of a car’s real treatment, even if the outside looks fine, raise the trunk carpet and inspect it properly.


Tires: Should match and show even wear, also, the expiry date should be clearly known.


Front: Look for signs that fenders have been replaced. It could indicate a vehicle that has been in a wreck.


2.    Interior Look


It’s not unusual for a used car to look like a gorilla has been living inside. Take this as evidence that the owner did not tend to the vehicle’s mechanical needs any better.


Specifically, check the upholstery for rips, tears, and stains. Start the car and test the engine, air-conditioner and heater.


Look at the odometer, an average driver puts 10,000 to 15,000 miles on a car annually. This doesn’t necessarily mean that an old car with few miles is a steal.


Sitting around in a garage for long stretches of time isn’t necessarily a good thing.


Let the mileage match (or at least come close to) the duration of the existence of the car.


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3.    Go Under


What is under the car? While it might not be your favorite task in the world, getting your back on the ground and sliding beneath for a look underneath is a very smart idea.


There are clues to be found related to what could make buying the vehicle a bad idea.


Inspect the frame for cracks, bends, or signs that it has been replaced after an accident. The exhaust system should be free of black spots, which indicates a leak.


Run your finger inside the tailpipe because grime could predict an expensive engine repair in your future.


4.    The Hood


There are a few items to take note of under the hood. Excessive dents, damage, or rust could indicate it has not been cared for. Find the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and write it down to check out online.


Different manufacturers locate it in various places, but it shouldn’t be hard to find. If there isn’t one, be highly suspicious. Hoses and belts should not be cracked or soft.


There shouldn’t be any evidence of leaks or corrosion around the battery or engine. Take a peek under the oil filler cap.


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5.    Test Drive


You definitely need to take a used car for a test drive before buying it. This is the time to listen and feel how it runs.


Whether automatic or standard, there shouldn’t be any jerks or bumps when shifting through the gears. This could mean transmission trouble which is another expensive repair.


As you increase speed, pay attention to vibrations in the steering wheel, which could mean front-end mechanical parts that need to be replaced.


Find an area where it’s safe to decelerate rapidly (but not enough to cause a skid). Strange noises, squeals, or a tendency to pull one direction or the other could point to worn and possibly dangerous brake parts.


6.    Go Online


You might be able to uncover specific information related to the car online using a service like Carfax which is where the VIN comes in handy.


Before you show up to inspect the vehicle, look up its Blue Book value and check forums to see what kind of reviews other owners of the same model are leaving.


In a perfect world, the owner will have a written log of service details, though don’t be surprised if they don’t. It doesn’t hurt to ask.




Bottom Line


Perhaps the best piece of advice when it comes to inspecting a used car is to not be afraid to walk away. Don’t fall so head-over-heels with the thing that you ignore obvious problems.


There’s always another car to love around the next corner. Also keep in mind the fact that it is used means the price is negotiable.


Don’t be afraid to offer a lower amount and walk away if the deal doesn’t suit you.


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