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It’s Time To Break Up With Your Car

posted on Oct 2, 2018 |   75 likes


Five Signs It’s Time To Get a New Car

Like any other relationships, saying goodbye is very hard and sometimes painful especially when it’s with a car we have grown so used to. And like any other relationship getting to know a new person is usually interesting as you would be very careful not to ruin the friendship before it blossoms so are we with a new car.

It can be tempting to hold onto an old car long past its prime. Maybe because the car was your first car as a young adult, or it was a gift from someone you love. Whatever your thoughts are, the time for a new car is different for everyone and in most cases it is inevitable.

No matter how attached you are to your car, you will need to break up with it due to one of the following reasons.

It is Time for a New Car

You've been a one-car person for years, but you're starting to realize there are plenty fishes in the automotive sea, especially when a shiny, brand-new car pulls up next to you in traffic. At that point, your car would seem boring and too old for you. And you would begin to tell yourself, ‘I need a new car’

You may be able to resist temptation at first, but your wandering eye will only get stronger, as that would be the time you begin to notice new and better cars. If you can't stop thinking about that shiny car, it might be time to start shopping around for a new car.

Breakdowns and Repairs are Mounting

One of the easiest ways to tell that it may be time to get a new car is if you’re constantly needing repairs. All cars need maintenance, but if you’re in and out of the mechanics’ shop on a regular basis it may be time to start window shopping for a new car.

Keep track of all the money you spend on car repairs. Also factor in the time you lose when waiting for your car to be repaired. If you are losing time and money month after month, perhaps it’s time to buy a new car.

Your Car Isn’t Safe Anymore

Another clear sign that it’s time to look for a new car is if your old car isn’t as safe as it should be. Perhaps the constant repairs are too expensive, and things are starting to slip through the cracks. Ignoring maintenance can lead to dangerous problems like faulty brakes. Even if you keep up with your car’s needs, safety can still become an issue with older cars. Newer vehicles have all sorts of safety features that older models don’t have. This means that the older your car is, the more out of touch it is with today’s safety standards.

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

Things change. As life progresses, you and your car may grow apart. Sometimes you may need a new car even if your old car is in great shape. As your life changes over time, the needs of your vehicle may change, too. For example, if you’re driving a small car when you’re single, you might need to upgrade to something bigger when you want to start a family. Or if you start a business that involves moving heavy items, you may need a truck to help with your new career.

The most important thing is that your car works for your current needs. It will make things a lot easier.

Things Fall apart

As your car gets older, the everyday wear and tear may start to show. But eventually, the small damages can lead to big problems. It is different when your car has a fault that can be fixed just by changing or replacing something. But when the body of the car begins to have a small rust that cannot be patched or replaced or when the interior of the car begins to fall apart, it is definitely time to get a new car as repairing it would be very expensive.

Whatever reasons you have to change your car, the price should not be a problem, as that can be sorted with a quick cash loan of up to N5million from Page Financials in less than 3 hours.

All you need to do is a research on the car that suits your need and click here!

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