Guaranteed higher ROI

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to wait for a paycheck every month? Wouldn’t you love not having to struggle to keep your transactions down to the limit? And what if you didn’t have to save for a whole year to get your dream vacation or car. You work so hard for your money shouldn’t you allow money work for you this time? That’s why we are offering you attractive returns on your investments. Watch your money return the favour.

Why Invest In Page Financials?

Earn up to 17% interest per annum

Fixed rate

Flexible payment terms

Flexible investment tenors


Invest a minimum of N200,000

Minimum tenor of 90 days

Competitive Investment Rates

Monthly interests paid into your account

How it works?

Just complete your profile and start Investing. Sounds good? Click below.

  1. Completed account opening form
  2. Documentary Evidence of Address
  3. 1 Passport photograph
  4. Valid ID

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