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3 Clever Ways to Prepare For The Unexpected

posted on Jan 2, 2020 |   434 likes


3 Clever Ways to Prepare For The Unexpected

A great step in establishing financial stability is building emergency funds. Saving money in Nigeria is not quite easy, the economy plays a major role in this because a lot of people earn meagre income which is not enough to cater for their basic needs. This is also not a reason not to save, because it is not what you earn that makes you rich, it is what you save.

Once you have enough money saved up, you can rest easy knowing a temporary setback won’t push you off the rails.

While it is not advisable not to have an emergency fund, below are some ideas should things take a new twist.

Try Different Side Hustles

Yes, things might not be looking good but if you try your hands on something different, it may eventually bring in cool cash. The more experience you have, the more money you get to make. So, when things are not going well and you have a side hustle that pays, you know where to devote your energy to stay afloat.

Some people even wind up quitting their primary job and turning a side hustle, such as freelance writing or reselling items online, into a full-time career.

Professional Connections

If you have proven yourself to be a valuable employee, your employer could be a big help if you ever have to ask for a favour. It is never too late to improve on your communication skills and work ethic.

Building your professional network outside of your current job can also be important, as having an “in” at a company can make getting an interview elsewhere easier. While what you know is undoubtedly important, who you know can often be a big help as well.

Fast Paying Financial House

Sometimes, we just do not get a hang of things that happen around us. The emergency funds you have been saving might end up not being enough for whatever may come or you don’t even have anything saved. Where then do you turn to?

It becomes expedient to have a solid and dependable financial source that you can turn to when you need quick funds to sort important things. That is where Page Financials come in.

Page Financials is a dependable retail financial services provider that provide loans and investment opportunities to salary earners and established SMEs in Lagos and Ibadan. Also have a payment solution that enables customer to send money and pay bills across Nigeria at zero cost of transaction.

If you are a salary earner then you might qualify for between 200k and 5Million naira loan which you can get in less than 3 hours.

To apply, simply visit the online application portal at www.pagefinancials.com/loans.html. You will be able to supply your information and get your loan in less than 3 hours if you get approved.

For further enquiries, you can send an email to customer@pagefinancials.com or contact customer service on 016317243 for guidance.

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