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Last Minute Luxury Valentine Day Gift Ideas For Bae

posted on Feb 6, 2020 |   420 likes


Short on cash but not on love? Here's what you can get for bae this valentine

Are you chronically late to shop for gifts — even for very important occasions in your life? Like, Valentine's Day? And even for the most important types of gifts, like gifts for your bae, husband, wife or even yourself?

Well, luckily for you, Page Financials has got you covered with these last-minute shopping ideas for Valentine.

While we do not encourage letting important things wait till the last minute, we understand that sometimes, things don’t just add up especially economically.

Well, that is what inspired this post, and we don’t only have the gift ideas, we also have tips on how to get the emergency funds to buy the gifts for the ones you love.

A bit about Page Financials.

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Valentine is a season of love, and there are several ways we can show love. Even if you have already sorted out your gift or planned out your treat for your loved one, we’re sure that after reading this post, you will be more confident and equipped to make the magic happen.

With the help of experts, we’ve carefully though-out these gifts’ ideas, feel free to grab the offers because no one will ever know that you even procrastinated.

So, short on time and money but not on love and class? Here’s what you can do.

An Exclusive Couple’s Picnic & Boat Cruise

One fascinating thing about this year’s valentine day is that it’s happening on a Friday, that means after work, you can go ahead and parté after parté.

An exclusive couple’s picnic is one way you can maximize the valentine-weekend to catch enough fun with your spouse; doing that over an exclusive boat cruise is a perfect coalesce of love and romance.

Depending on your choice of boat cruise service provider, (a Google search will reveal many), lovebirds can cruise round the Lagos waterways, sailing and sightseeing en-route Lagos yacht club, Marina, CMS, Nigeria Port Authority, Snake Island etc. with refreshment and games on board.

If you’re thinking of doing something out of the regular with a moderate spending, this exclusive treat will blow your spouse’s mind away (well, and yours too).

Feel The Love In Paris

Not everyone has the balls to want to make love on the moon like Teni, but who doesn’t want to experience love in the city of love - Paris?

Well, we all want it, and in fact, your partner wants it too.

There's no better place to spend Valentine's day than the city of Love. A trip to Paris combined with lodging in a place like the legendary Hôtel Plaza Athénée's is the recipe for an amazing celebration.

Just send your partner the travel itinerary and watch them scream for joy, thank us later, and you’re welcome in advance.

If you are low on funds right now, don’t sweat it, as long as you are a salary earner in Lagos and Ibadan, you can get a quick loan of between 200k and 5 Million in less than 3 hours from Page Financials.

A Romantic Weekend At A Luxurious Hotel In Lagos

Waking up to the sunset and the clear view of the ocean is as romantic as romance could be.

With breakfast in bed, exclusive spa sessions, local and continental dishes, sparkling wine and Champagne, all-round pampering from the hotel attendants; your partner will not forget the experience in a hurry – if at all ever.

Without traveling out of Nigeria, there are a couple of cozy Hotels in Lagos where you can get these 5-star experiences, the likes of The George hotel, Eko Hotel & Suites, Radisson blue, Oriental Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, and a few others.

These hotels were specifically built to meet the high taste of businesses and professionals like you who once in a while would take a break from work and have an unforgettable experience.

Spend the whole Val-weekend with your partner in these places and submerge yourselves in this presidential experience, and your valentine is about to get ticked as one of the best of all times for you both.

Get A Gift As Classy As Your Partner

There’s something we do subconsciously when buying gifts; we try to buy something that matches our admiration and respect for the person receiving the gift.

And that is what you should do this valentine. Get your partner something that can be likened to their class. You know them and what they would like? It’s time to express your love via gifts, and Valentine is a perfect season to do that.

A typical question you can ask yourself when buying a gift, which will help you decide on what to buy is;

“If my partner was a watch (for instance, say you want to buy a watch), which watch will he/she be?”

The answer will come from the kind of watches your partner already wears or at least something that best describes their taste and class.

Is he/she a Gucci person? Get them a Gucci Watch, Gucci Bag, or Gucci anything

Is he/she a Rolex person? Get them a Rolex watch instead.

How about an 18-karat gold necklace that makes your bae stand out? Go for it.

If he already uses a Patek Phillipe, that’s most probably what he will love as a valentine gift.

This strategy can be repeated for any item you want to buy; clothing, shoes, phones etc.

The idea is not just to give regular gifts or just give gifts for gifting sakes, the goal is to gift something that stands out and makes your partner feel classic and valued for what they truly are, get a gift that connects with your partner and watch the love soar.

We know these items are not exactly the kind of items you just accidentally buy, it takes determination, so much care, and a budget to go for class, and because you are a luxury brand, we want to make sure that you do not miss making your mark this valentine.

So, what do you do now that the love is there, the class is there, but you are short on cash?

Take a Quick Loan with Page

Taking a loan to finance the lifestyle you desire is not new at all, what is new is that Page Financials has made the process painless and super-fast.

Now, as long as you are a salary earner in Lagos or Ibadan, you can apply for a loan and get the funds disbursed to you in less than 3 hours (if you qualify).

Page customers can apply for between 200k and 5 Million and use the money to do whatever they wish.

To apply for a Page loan, you need to visit the application portal and begin your application process, everything happens online so you can apply right now from your office, or even your bedroom.

Our system has been designed to handle the entire application and approval process online so that you can spend less time worrying about getting the money and focus on what you are going to do with the money.

Page has an amazing customer service team that works 24/7 so you are sure that you will get support when you need it.

You can reach Page on phone by calling 016317243 or sending an email to customer@pagefinancials.com for questions or further clarifications needed.

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