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Let’s Talk Personal Finance – Everything You Need To Know

posted on Jul 10, 2020 |   559 likes


Want to up your personal finance game? This is for you

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Personal finance is arguably the most important topic you should care about – if the wellbeing of your financial future is important to you.

But most people don’t know where to start or what personal finance is all about.

Do you have a job but are living paycheck to paycheck? Or have money but don’t know how to put the money to work?

This article will shine lights on these issues and give you a firm foundation to start building a sound personal financial life.

This article forms the core of the Beginner’s Guide to Personal Finance. While these steps seem straightforward, they are extremely powerful.

If you learn them and follow them, you will both improve your relationship with money and be able to improve the quality of your life – and that’s our wish for you.


So, What Is Personal Finance?

Personal finance covers everything that has to do with how you manage your money – basically; your earnings, spending, savings and investing habits.

It’s the efficient management of the four drivers of financial current.

Note that personal finance is a personal thing/habit and that means it has nothing to do with the economy, it has nothing to do with what’s in vogue.

It also means that what your friends, coworkers and family members do is going to look different from what you end up doing. It is personal, like the name personal finance.


Deeper Dive Into The Four Financial Drivers


#1. Your Earnings (Inflow)

This is the top pillar and somewhat the determinant of how the rest flows

There might be a limit to how much you save or invest, but there is definitely no limit to how much you can earn.

You have the power to earn as high as you desire, and set yourself up for an comfortable personal financial status.

We’ve realized that the power of earning more is one which most people don’t often realize they have.

People would rather pinch their savings or even investments in order to meet simple obligations, but would not think of how to earn extra to meet that goal – this shouldn’t be so.

Instead of trying to pinch every penny and cut out the things you love in order to save your money, you should focus on making more money so you can spend guilt-free.


[Bonus Tip] How to Earn More

There are three pointers to increasing your earnings; negotiating a good salary at your place of work, starting a business, or adding a side hustle to your paid job.

Pull any one of these strings above and you have more flow of income.

-       Negotiate a bigger salary, get promoted, or switch to a better paying job

-       Add a side hustle to your salary and earn extra income to take care of those emergency needs.

-       Start a business if your salary or side hustle is not meeting your needs, however before you do this, ensure that you have considered all the parameters and have what it takes to keep the business running otherwise this could backfire.


In a nutshell, how much you earn contributes to your financial strength hence your savings and investments, which is why it is really important to get this right by getting in as much money as possible.


#2 Your Spending (outflow)

Spending is often seen as the enemy when compared with the other financial pillars.

However, while there are plenty of people who take spending too far (which is wrong), it’s not spending that’s led to financial downturns — it’s not being conscious with your spending that can lead to unhealthy financial situations.

The idea of living a good life is not hinged on cutting your spending. As a matter of fact, we advise people to ensure that they spend their money on the things they desire. Enjoy life.

Not doing this, has defeated the whole essence of building a strong personal finance.

The wisdom in spending is in what is called Conscious Spending.

When you practice conscious spending, you’ll be able to save money purposefully by avoiding the mindless spending that can come from disorganized shopping, trips, etc.


#3 Your Savings (Put away)

This pillar speaks to all what you do in order to save some money.

It’s a dicey member of the pillar, especially if your earnings are not so great. People struggle to save and still can’t.

You’ll hear lots of savings advice like; cook your own food and don’t eat out, spend from card and don’t always carry cash, keep a strict budget, etc.

These things work only to an extent because it depends solely on human will-power.

That means we only have so much of it we can devote to one action before it runs out.

Instead you can use tools to automate your savings and make available to yourself only the money you are willing to spend.

This way, you worry less about exchanging one need for another.


#4 Your Investment (put to work)

Investment looks at putting your money to work, using the money you have to make more money without necessarily being involved in the process.

Although a lot of people know this already, not many people know exactly how to invest, or understand the technicalities involved in day to day trade and investment markets.

Well just like automated savings, investment has evolved.

You can now invest with a Trusted Financial Service Provider who handles all the other technicalities and gives you ROI for your money.

If you truly want to build a superb financial personality, then you should pay more attention to investing.

It has the power to build your personal finance faster than your regular earnings and savings would.

Page Financials is licensed by NDIC and that means that investors can freely invest with the company and not worry about losing their money because funds are fully insured and secured.



Amongst the uncertainties that surround our day to day activities, if you are able to tell how much you earn, how much you spend out of your earning (consciously), how much you save and how much you invest, then congratulations you are on your way to mastering your personal finance.

If you need further support or information, our customer service and finance expert team is available to address any questions you might have in terms of improving your personal finance, our quick loans, investing, or using our payment solution to enjoy zero charge on transfers and bill payments.

Visit our website at https://pagefinancials.com or call 01-700PAGE (7143) or send an email to customer@pagefinancials.com to speak with us.  


Follow Page Financials on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn to get daily updates on how to live a financially sound and productive life in your career and personal life.

Follow Page Financials on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn to get daily updates on how to live a financially sound and productive life in your career and personal life.

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