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Ayomide Shares How She Sorts Back to School Money Issues Conveniently with Help from Page Financials

posted on Aug 11, 2021 |   1092 likes


Ayomide’s Story on How She Manages the Financial Stress

Are you always financially stressed out when it’s back to school season? You are not alone, many parents share the same experience, and today, we will share the story of Ayomide and how she handles this back-to-school stress conveniently – with the help of Page Financials.  

The memories we share with the ones dear to our heart never fade, memories like the first day you took your child(ren) to school, how they cried and insisted on going back home with you, how you also hesitated a bit from returning home because you thought for a second that they would cry themselves to death if you leave them there.


It’s never an easy task, especially for first time parents as this is the first real attempt at detaching from your tender baby.

But as each day goes by, they begin to grow and build new networks in school, they begin to look forward to school the next day, and you also, learn to let them evolve into the future they desire.


What’s A Typical Back To School Period Like For Parents?

For many parents, back to school season is always plagued with mixed feelings of excitement, relief, as well as sadness and stress.

Excitement because the kids are excited and elementary – especially – school can be wondrous.

Relief for parents, for a return to routine and a break from figuring out weekly fun and games logistics.

Sadness because the clichés about babies growing up so fast are understatements; learning is awesome, but so is childlike innocence, and the two aren’t always best friends.

Stress because there are lots of deadlines to remember and bills to be paid to ensure that your children are having the best experience at school.


Ayomide’s Story on How She Manages the Financial Stress

With the costs of everything – including education – continuing to rise, financial stress may be chief of the reasons keeping parents up at night during back-to-school seasons like this.

Ayomide shares how she is able to consistently manage the back-to-school financial stress with a little help from Page Financials.

“As a working mum, the holiday is always a time that I cherish so much. Having to wake up and not have to prepare the children for school before I set out for work, is a huge relief for me.

But that joy is usually short-lived and all the memories shared seems like they are washed away when the next school session starts. 

There’s so much pressure – both on the side of getting them prepared in the morning and meeting up with the fees and other bills that comes with the school resumption.

We have to pay school fees, buy/make new uniforms (when necessary – because these kids grow really fast) buy new books, games fees, excursion levies, groceries, and a host of other items on the resumption list.

Trust me when I say it’s easily overwhelming, because you don’t want your children to be the ones that are looking “off” in school. So, you have to try to give them the best within the confines of your abilities.

So, one Thursday afternoon, I was speaking with a colleague, Ebuka, at work on how I needed to raise money to meet the resumption list items for my children. We had just renewed our rent and there was not enough money to sort the back-to-school bills.

Ebuka being a parent also, quickly understood where I was coming from and showed me how he has been able to take care of all his money issues without running to friends and family to avoid “see finish.”

It was a coded way of staying on top of your financial needs.

Ebuka introduced me to the financial advisers that helped him find what works for him and his finances.

That was when I learned that organizations like Page Financials have special offerings to assist parents sort back-to-school bills.

I immediately visited their website at Pagefinancials.com,  started the application process, but due to work urgencies, I couldn’t finish.

To my surprise, later in the day, someone from their office called to remind me of my unfinished application and offered to help me complete the application.

I provided all the information that was required and she assured me that they will get back to me.

Same Thursday evening, I got an offer from Page, it was like a dream, but it was real because after I accepted the offer, I got the credit alert that same day.

On Friday and Saturday was dedicated to shopping for the children’s resumption items and on Monday, they were off to school – fully catered for.

Since that encounter, whenever it’s back to school season, or I find myself in any financial situation, I just call Page, we work something out.

If you need money to send your children back to school – and who doesn’t? Especially if you don’t want to break your savings goal or terminate your investment portfolios, then Page can assist you with up to N5 million to repay in up to 12 months, Call Page on 017007243, or send an email to customer@pagefinancials.com, or visit their website at Pagefinancials.com and you will thank yourself for making that decision.


Outsource Your Stress, Face What Matters To You The Most

Ever since Ayomide learned to outsource her financial stress to Page, she now has enough time to focus on other things that mattered to her and her family. She is no longer mentally strained, and she is no longer thinking of excuses to give to the school as to why her children haven’t resumed or resumed with incomplete school ware or fees.


Is Taking A Loan For Back To School Bills Really A Good Idea?

There may be other means of raising money to meet up with school fees deadline and other associated costs with school resumption; like approaching family and friends for assistance.

However, with the way hardship has beaten hard into everybody’s finances, you have a slimmer chance of getting financial assistance from friends and family. They also have their own bills to pay.

In order not to avoid being disappointed, lose urgent opportunities, get embarrassed, or watch your children stay away from school, a smart decision would be to take a loan from a trust worthy financial institution.

Not only does a loan make more financial sense, it is the perfect facility to assist you during planned or unplanned events when time is of essence.

You can get all details about the loans when you visit Pagefinancials.com.

For further enquiries, you can send an email to customer@pagefinancials.com or contact customer service on 017007243 for assistance.

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