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Holiday Is Coming: How To Enjoy Christmas Without Overspending.

posted on Nov 15, 2019 |   320 likes


Holiday Is Coming: How To Enjoy Christmas Without Overspending.


If you’ve visited our HQ at Ikoyi from the 1st of November, you would have noticed that our seasonal décor is up already.

It’s still up and our office is already lit for the festive season.

This just goes to show that the big holiday season is here. The excitement has started building up and people are beginning to plan how they will spend it with their family.

But amongst all the excitement, this season can also prove to be one of the most expensive times of the year.

If one is not careful, it is easy to burn-out your budget and run into unnecessary debt at this time.

So how can you best prepare to have an enjoyable holiday season without blowing your budget? Keep reading to find out how.

Many consider December to be the most expensive month of the year due to holiday shopping, travel expenses etc.

Other areas people spend hugely are on gifts, food, and clothing. These few expenses run into hundreds of thousands of Naira. However, how much you spend depends on your level of preparation and capacity.

Below we’ve outlined some tips that you can use throughout the holiday season to help manage your finances with confidence.

Monitor Flight/Bus Deals

In as much as a lot of travelers will be needing the services of transporters at almost the same time, booking flights/buses in advance is likely to land you the best deal.

Although, there’s still an opportunity for potential savings through last-minute deals.

You should keep an eye out for “flash” sales, most transporters would use this strategy to fill empty seats on their plane or buses.

While this kind of arrangement may not fit perfectly to your travel plan/dates, if you can make your travel dates flexible, the savings might just be worth it.

Consider DIY gifts

Gifts for loved ones and friends is one of the characteristics of this season. Depending on who and why you are giving the gift, the budget can be telling on your finances.

However, if you are looking to put a creative spin on your gift to someone this season, and you don’t want to break the bank for it, then consider making the gift yourself.

DIY holiday gifts are a great option for saving money and with so many unique ideas to consider, they allow you to create something that is both personal and memorable.

The internet can help you choose from different gift samples that you can make. You should choose a gift that is both as exciting to make as it is to give.

Do Your Shopping Early (Now)

If you’re paying attention to the news and local stores, then you should be getting the reality that things are already getting pricier.

The fact is, it is just getting started.

History has shown that once the festive season is fully here, prices of items will hit the roof. This is logically relatable because demand naturally becomes higher at that time.

To beat this scenario, you should do your shopping when not very many people are rushing to shop for the festive season. Now is the time.

Shopping early gives you the chance to be selective in what you buy while you also get the items at their considerate and moderate prices – thereby saving big.

What to Do If You Don’t Have Money to Shop Now

Things are never perfect, and we totally understand that while it is ideal to shop now and save big, the funds might not be readily available to you.

So, what do you do? When you cannot shop now, but you still have to shop anyways – when things have become expensive and stressful?

First, you need to have a plan and budget estimate, itemize the things you will be needing money for this season.

Be meticulous to only list the things that are really important to you this season, and cut down on any unnecessary excesses.

Then, put a price tag to all of the items and have a budget in mind.

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