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Top Countries With Exceptional Foods

posted on Oct 2, 2018 |   108 likes


Everyone loves the good aroma and the corresponding taste of good food.

Everyone loves the good aroma and the corresponding taste of good food. Anyone traveling to a new destination would always think about what they would eat on their trip. While some would still love to have some of the food varieties they have at their home country, some other would not want to see any food they are already familiar with so eating it would be a no-no. For people like that, they are often called ‘foodies’ because they usually want their taste bud to go on an adventure with them.

If you are a foodie and you would be traveling soon, you should check out some of the foods you should try out and the ones to say no to when traveling to any of the destinations below.

1. Mexico

The cuisine in Mexico is as interesting and dynamic as their dance moves so you can be sure that your taste bud is in for a great ride. Apart from their famous tacos and enchiladas, Mexico is the central station for nutritional super-foods. All that avocado, tomato, lime, garlic, curry, beans, chilly, chocolate that goes into most of the Mexican foods and snack are rich with antioxidant and a lot of health benefits. If you would be traveling to Mexico soon you should eat their Mole sauce, Tacos, and Tamales and try not to eat tostadas which are basically the same as a taco but served in a crispy fried tortilla which breaks into pieces as soon as you bite into it making it impossible to eat.

2. Italy

Italian food has enslaved taste buds around the globe for centuries, with its zesty tomato sauces, well baked with precision pastries and desserts, artistry noodles and pasta among other mouth-watering dishes that leave you paying for more.

From the cheesy risottos to the crisp fried meats, Italian cuisine is a compilation of crowd-pleasing comfort food. If you would be touring Italy soon, you should try their Ragu alla Bolognese also known as Spaghetti bolognaise, Italian style salami, and of course Italian bread and coffee.

3. Thailand

Thailand is the home for street foods. Every corner draws you close to a delicious delicacy with influences from China, Malaysia, Indonesia and the deep roots of Thailand.  The combination of so many herbs and spices in each dish produces complex flavors that somehow come together like orchestral music. A Thailand dish would taste spicy, sour, salty, sweet, chewy, crunchy and slippery all at once.

If you would be visiting Thailand soon, you should eat the Tom Yam Kung a rave party for the mouth, Massaman curry and Som tam, a popular green papaya salad that is sour, extra spicy, sweet and salty. It's the best of Thai tastes.

4. Greece

Traveling and eating in Greece is like yummy food from a glossy magazine come to life. Greece is known for its colorful, delicious salads with meats that is well roasted with Olive oil. Eating in Greece is also a way of consuming history. A bite of dolma or a slurp of lentil soup gives a small taste of life in ancient Greece, when they were invented.

On your next visit to Greece, you should eat the Spanakopita that is made with spinach with its feta cheese mixture and flaky pastry cover. You should also try Gyros, a pita bread sandwich of roast meat and tzatziki.

5. China

In China, food is as important as the air they breathe most especially their soups. Food has been a form of escapism for the Chinese throughout its wild history.

Apart from the fact they are capable of producing just about anything, the Chinese people are also very good at making food that tastes great. China's regional cuisines are so varied it's hard to believe they're from the same nation. It's not a food culture you can easily summarize. If China is on your travel bucket list, you should eat the Dim Sum make with a long list of ingredient you would not believe would sum up to just one dish. You should also try the Xiaolongbao the incredible Chinese soup.

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