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Honeymoon Destination

posted on Oct 2, 2018 |   78 likes


Five Tips For Picking The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Being a once in a lifetime trip, choosing the perfect place to spend the honeymoon is one of the toughest decisions new couples make while preparing for their wedding. In fact, it comes first before any other thing, as the honeymoon is the most important thing right after the wedding.

The honeymoon is a trip turned into memories that becomes a story years later, thereby making the honeymoon planning stage one of the toughest for some couples.

In order to go through this phase with little or no stress, follow these five tips to ensure you have the smooth and perfect honeymoon you have always dreamt of.

1) Determine Trip Length

Before anything, determine how long your honeymoon trip would last. This comes first because some other things would depend on the length of the trip. Like the budget. Also, some factors would also help determine the length of the trip. For instance, work schedule. Once you are able to agree on how long you want your honeymoon to last. Then it’s time to pick a theme and a place.

2) Choose a Theme

Are you both inspired by the same things? For instance, do you both love historic sites, wildlife, adventure, road trips, or are you more of the beach and tropical cocktail couples? Whatever the preference is, this would help you envision how you spend your time together.  And if you both have different tastes, then it only gets better as you can both try out different thing and add some spice to the trip. For instance, if one of you enjoys historic sites, and the other enjoys a lounge on the beach, then Greece is just one of the places to consider for your honeymoon as it has a perfect blend of historic sites such as the Acropolis in Athens, and the perfect beach day on Santorini island.

3) Analyze the Season

Before you go finally decide on the honeymoon destination, ensure you give many thoughts to the season of the country destination. Consider the crowds, local customs, and potential weather disruptions. Selecting a place like Italy for a honeymoon during this summer would mean sizzling temperatures, exorbitant prices, and massive crowds. But, in August, many towns in Europe look good for a mountain trip or a good day at the beach.

4) Set a Budget

When you have decided where you would love to spend your honeymoon, it’s time to put a price on it. The length of your trip and the destination already puts you on a right track to knowing how much you would be spending. Although this does not demand a long deliberation, because Page has got you covered with quick cash loans of up to 2.5million Naira you can access for your honeymoon. All that matters most is that you have the best honeymoon experience that keeps your heart warm each time you remember. Once a destination has been determined, apply for a quick funding from Page and be on your way to a memorable honeymoon.

5) Consider the conveniences.

Finally, pen down a list of the amenities and services that are absolute must-haves for both of you. Once you’ve compiled the list, search for hotels and destinations that only include those top items. For instance, let’s say it’s crucial that your hotel offers a top-notch spa facility and free Wi-Fi, the last thing you want is to book your accommodations for two weeks and then find out that the facility doesn’t even have a spa or consistence Wi-Fi.

Once all these have been settled, it’s about time to get a quick cash loan without collateral and be on your way to the best honeymoon yet.


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