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Everyone is a brand.

posted on Jan 25, 2019 |   115 likes


How to develop your personality as a brand.

Everyone wants to be known for something including brands and organizations. The same way we perceive products, services and brands to either be negative or positive is the same way we would be perceived by the people around us.  

Building your personality as a trusted professional in your field or as worthy business professional in your field takes a lot of conscious effort and consistent training.

Most of the time, people trust a brand or a business to deliver because they trust the people behind the brand or business. That is why it is important to build yourself as brand first so that it can reflect on your work ethic, performance and the perception of others towards you.

The following tips are ways to get started with branding yourself.

Keep it real on Social Media: A lot of people assume that because it is social media whatever they do or say can and should pass. Some people also have the opinion that they should be different people on different social media platforms. While different social media platforms have their specific functions, you should ensure you have a uniform personality profile across your social media account that gives people an idea of who you are.

Build your social asset: Social asset or social score is otherwise known as ‘street credibility’. People should be able to say, ‘I trust you’ because of their previous relationship with you. And this transcends to everything. When you say yes, let it be yes and when you say no let no be no. When you borrow money and promise to pay back let it be as promised so that when you go back for help they can trust you to repay as promised. Remember, trust is like a paper, one crumpled it cannot be smooth again.

Build your identity: What exactly do you want to be known for. Do you want to be hilarious? Do you want to be the go to guy for tips on a particular subject? Do you want to be a guru in a particular field? Whatever you are good at and you would love everyone to see, begin to build and show it. Also remember that building your identity requires consistency and time to become known for what you want to be known for.

Finally, know thyself. And don’t take things too seriously. Have fun, be authentic, and let everyone involved know who you are.

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