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Career Goals for 2019

posted on Jan 25, 2019 |   151 likes


Things you must not miss out when setting your career goals.

The year is in full swing and you are probably well settled down for work. For some people, resuming was quite exciting to them as they have been able to analyze, forecast and plan their career for the year. While this is true for some, it is quite the opposite for some others who are just getting over the holiday money hangover and could not think of anything else yet.

If you are uncertain about what your career goal should be or yet to set them, you should consider setting the following goals among others that may not be listed here as your career goals for 2019.

Improve your Skill Improve your Worth

More often than not, there is always room to learn more on any job. Apart from the fact that the world is evolving really fast and you have to stay abreast in order not to be left behind, participating in a nurturing and evolving existing skill would have a positive effect at work. For what it’s worth, you would feel more accomplished, gain confidence, feel encouraged to learn more, and a higher sense of purpose when you are able to put your improved skills to work. That way, you have improved your professional credibility and self-worth.

Read a career-related book

Reading would take you to place you have never been before. – Popular Proverb  

Setting a goal to read at least a book a month is a good way to get started with increasing your knowledge about anything. When selecting the type of career books to read, ensure you read books by successful people in your professional space. This way you get to learn not just by the books but have an idea of the how they overcame some challenges that you may or may not experience on your professional journey. You would also get to know the professional skills they had to improve on and personal habits they had to develop to achieve some goals at work. Not all you learn would be applicable to you right away, but it would be relevant to you someday.

Aim to Network

Networking is here to stay and is now vital to your professional survival. The need to stay connected has gone beyond having some friends on Facebook. Networking transcends meeting people across social media platforms, it is now building a community or a team for yourself both offline and online. When you attend a seminar and other social events, meet new people in a different professional space from yours, this way you get to have a team of professionals in a different career path that would be of help to you in future.

Stay away from your comfort zones.

Most importantly, stay away from your comfort zone. If you would like to grow and achieve more, you would need to get out of your comfort zone often. This year, try new things, read on things that do not relate to your profession, take more risk, go an adventurous trip, and take a vacation to somewhere different from your usual comfort vacation destination.

If you could be committed to at least three of these goals, then you are in for an amazing and productive 2019.



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