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5 DIY Car Maintenance Tools You Should Have - Always

posted on Feb 22, 2021 |   1092 likes


Avoid getting stranded, get the right tools in place

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Owning a car means at some point you’ll need to do some maintenance. But it isn’t always necessary to go to the garage.


Fixing problems yourself can save you lots of hassle, but trying to fix something beyond your skill can leave you with no car at all, so it is imperative that we warn that you learn what you could tackle and what to leave to a mechanic.


With that being said, if you drive your own car, it is important that you understand how to carry out some basic maintenance on your own, because one day, it might just be you alone with your car, and a flat tire – to say the least.

When working on your car, you need to have the right type of equipment for your own convenience.

If you're missing necessary tools, fixing your car can be frustrating and even dangerous.

Here are the 5 car and maintenance tools every DIYer must have.

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1.    Screwdriver Set


One of the basic tools is a quality set of screwdrivers. You might need to tighten or loosen screws here and there as you go about your normal day; this set will provide the right screwdrivers to do the job.

Having multiple sizes of screwdrivers can help you get into tight spaces, and can also prevent you from stripping delicate screw heads. There are shapes galore although the most common are: Flat, Phillips, Allen, and Torx


2.    Jack Stand


If your tire goes flat on the road, this is what you need to replace it and continue your journey.

Car jacks are very important when working under your car. The jack lifts your vehicle off the ground, and the jack stands support your vehicle while you work underneath it.

If you have a large truck or SUV, you may need a heavy-duty set that can support the full weight of your vehicle to ensure your safety. That’s why you should always purchase high-quality jack and stands!


3.    Lubricants And Cleaners

Mechanical moving parts need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly, so you'll need to acquire a few liquid sprays to help with this process.

A rust penetrant can unstick stubborn bolts and prevent rust from accumulating; brake cleaner dries quickly and can be used to clean any metal parts including brakes; silicone lubricant eliminates squeaking and friction and won't attract dirt; and citrus degreaser is sprayed on and then washed off to remove oil-based products from skid plates, axles, and steering components.

This will help you in keeping your car clean and performing first level care in the case of a minor scratch

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4.    Extra Engine Oil

If your car ever has oil leakage and the oil level goes below normal, you need to stop driving the car immediately and top it up to avoid serious engine damage.

For this reason, it is advisable to always carry an extra oil when traveling just in case your engine oil level goes low all of a sudden.

Having an extra oil will save you from the embarrassment of having your car towed to your mechanic workshop or having to deal with very sever engine damage.


5.    Jerrycan

Just like the engine oil, water is also a vital component that keeps your car engine running smoothly.

A consequence of engine cooling system failure is the popular engine overheating.

Overheating can happen anywhere, anytime, so It is important that you have water to put into the radiator or at least have a jerrycan that can be used to get water nearby when it happens.

As trivia as this sounds, it can be a devastating condition to be in.

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Bottom Line

Even the most reliable machines break down. Knowing what regular maintenance your car needs, how to fix the basics and knowing when to visit the mechanic could save you time and reduce the stress on your budget.

If you have some basic hand tools listed above and a DIY attitude, there are many simple jobs to help get your car running and driving like it was factory fresh.

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