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How To Motivate Yourself At Work

posted on Nov 21, 2019 |   311 likes


How To Motivate Yourself At Work

As employees, we get to a phase in life when “coming to work” does not feel right. The clouds are down and the comfort of your bed beckons every time. There is a feeling to quit that comes, and that seems like the solution to everything.

The hunger, drive, passion to come to work seems lost and there is the pursuit of happiness to stay productive at work or to have the feeling you have lost. Our brains start to wander to different places and — before we know it — we don’t have an ounce of inspiration left in us to continue on with the day.

Psychologist say “a happy worker is a productive worker.” Truth be told, that notion does not really have a stay in this part of the world. When an employee hits the phase of being less motivated, he/she can still be productive – might not be 100% - but still reaches some set target or goals.

It is highly accepted that when people are motivated on their jobs, there is going to be correspondence productivity that will boost the organizational performance.

Ways To Get Motivated

When you are not motivated your accomplishment at work tend to be of low quality and you know it to be true. Yes, loving your job helps in keeping you motivated, but it’s not everything. Here are a few ways to stay motivated at work. 

1.    Don’t Think About It As Hard Work

Each time you get to work, see your job as something that excites you to become a better version of yourself. When you constantly see your job as “Hard work”, you will not have any motivation to thrive in it. Think positive thoughts all through the day.

2.    Take A Break

If you’re someone who has completely jammed days from start to finish at work, it might seem impossible to find time to take breaks. However, taking breaks to keep yourself motivated throughout the day is essential. Take time during the day to walk away from your desk; remove yourself from whatever it is you are working on. This could mean heading outside for a stroll, or simply walking to the office kitchen to refill your water container.

3.    Don’t Focus on Things You Can’t Control

In all aspects of life, it’s never a good use of energy to spend our time focusing on the things we simply cannot control. Work is no exception to that. Rather, worry on things you can change or control. To make this seamless, try not to worry at all.

4.    Set Up A Reward System for Yourself

For example, if you have a report to submit on or before 4pm, motivate yourself to finish before the given time and reward yourself. Bribing yourself can be a great thing to keep you motivated.

5.    Hang Out With Colleagues

Sometimes when we’re with certain people all day at work, the last thing we can think about is spending even more time with them after work hours. However, hanging out with your colleagues both in and out of the office can be a work motivator. Having lunch with them or visitation over the weekend also helps.

In conclusion, most of the work that goes into motivation comes from within, so no matter what you are told, you need to be able to motivate yourself to action, you need to be able to find a reason to want something differently.

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