What investment product does Page have?

We have one investment product, Page investment notes. This gives you a high yield interest of up to 17% on your investments.

What is the minimum tenor?

The minimum tenor is 60days

If I have urgent cash needs, can I liquidate and get my funds?

Yes, however, there is a token charged on the accrued interest

How can I get my interest?

Interest payments can be paid into your Page account monthly, quarterly, annually or upon maturity

Can I get my interest upfront?

You can get your interest upfront with funds placed for a minimum tenor of 90days

Are there any associated charges?

There are no hidden or extra charges. However, there is a 10% withholding tax to be charged on the accrued interest.


How can I make payment?

You can make payment to any third party financial institution in Nigeria through any of our three channels; Page Mobile app, Internet banking and Page Card.

How much will I be charged when I make payments?

You enjoy Zero transaction charge when using any of our electronic channels. Zero charge means we do not deduct extra charges for funds transfer, bill payments or SMS alerts.

Can I use my card outside Nigeria?

Page cards can only be used within Nigeria. However you can start and complete your transaction using the app or internet banking from anywhere in the world.

Is your card accepted only in Lagos and Ibadan?

Our card is accepted on any ATM machine nationwide.


How much can I borrow?

Our minimum loan amount is N200,000 and the upper limit for a new customer is N5, 000, 000. Both depend on borrower’s capacity to repay based on verifiable income level and other selection criteria

Does Page Financials require a credit check?

Yes, your application is subject to a credit check before final approval and funds disbursement.

What documents do I require to get a loan?

You will need your employment or offer letter, evidence of your six months’ salary and a valid means of identification

How long does it take to process a loan?

Loan processing takes less than three hours. Once your application has been approved, the loan will be disbursed into your Page account in less than three hours.

Do I have to be in paid employment to get your loans?

Yes, you have to be a salary earner to access our different loan packages.

When my application has been moved to the next level, how will I know if it has been approved?

You will receive a confirmatory text telling you the status of your loan same day.

Who can access Page loans?

Page loans are currently available to only salary earners living in either Lagos or Ibadan.

Why do you require my BVN?

We need your BVN to make a verification check on you and to access your credit worthiness. It is also a standard CBN process for KYC. Your details are very safe with us.

Can a loan application be rejected?

Yes it can. Your application goes through an approval process and if it does not meet the set criteria, the loan request is rejected.

What is Page’s loan interest rate?

There is no fixed interest rate on a loan. The interest rate is dependent on different factors such as the loan amount, tenor, current salary etc.

How do I make repayments on my loan?

Our primary repayment channel is via REMITA for ease of repayment and reconciliation. However, we have secondary repayment channels like Direct Debit Mandate (DDM), online repayments and cheques.

When will the repayment be due?

On your salary pay day.

Can I pay down my outstanding loan before the end of the loan tenure?

Yes, you can pay down/liquidate your existing facility at any time.


Can I extend my loan tenor?

Yes, you can extend an existing facility loan tenor through a Top-up. As an existing customer, you can access a maximum tenor of 15 months (as an individual).

What is a Top up?

A top up is an instant request to increase the balance on an existing loan facility. To finalize this, the existing loan is liquidated as a customer cannot have two loans running simultaneously while the top up request is merged with the balance from the existing loan. The total disbursable amount will be communicated and disbursed into your Page account.

Can I have more than one loan running at the same time?

You cannot have more than one loan at a time, but you can apply for a top up loan after three repayments on your existing loan.

Do I need to come to the branch to apply for a loan as an existing customer?

No, your application can be made online via our website or mobile app.


My salary has been delayed and my account is not funded?

We will activate Remita or DDM on your account and funds will be picked when available.

My employer has changed and so has my salary date, can my repayment date be changed?

Yes, your repayment date can be changed. To facilitate this change, please send this request via mail to with evidence of the change of employment.

When there is a case of double debit in the same month, what do I do?

Please send us an email at or call our Contact Centre on 016317243 and we will refund the second debit after due confirmation.

Can I make repayment before the stipulated day?

Yes you can. However ensure to notify us of this by sending a mail to

My account was debited twice, why is this so and what can I do?

We apologise for the double debit. It must be a system error. Kindly send a mail to explaining your situation. We will rectify this once it has been confirmed.


What are Page Financials channels?

These are platforms where you can track your account, make transactions and interact with us. These channels take the stress off you and take away any need for a physical interaction between us and you. We have three channels; Our Online Banking platform, The Page Mobile App and Page Card. Paying bills, or making transfers using any of our channels is at Zero transaction charge, you would not be paying any transaction charge. We call that #PageZeroCharge

Page Mobile App

How do I download the Mobile App?

Simply click on the links to download from either the Apple store or Google Play store.

How do I create an account on the app?

Click on the create account, input your BVN and wait for a confirmation OTP text from us. Then input your email address to set up your password. After this you will get a text containing your login ID and password. Use this to log-in and finally set up your security questions to begin using the app.

What can I do with the Mobile App?

You can access your Page account on the go, do transfers, pay bills, purchase airtime and credit your account. All transactions on the app are at Zero Transaction charge meaning you pay no extra charges for using it.

If I misplace my phone or it is stolen, what can I do to avoid loss of funds?

Send an email to as soon as possible, or call us on 017007243 to safeguard your account and prevent loss of funds.

If I’m stuck, can I have help on the app?

You can use the in-app chat feature on the app to chat directly with our customer care representative to assist you.

Online Banking

Who can use our Online Banking?

Page account holders can access our Online-banking platform. Your Page All-In-One account gives you access to transact and access information on our Online Banking Platform.

What can a customer do with Online Banking?

All customers can check account balances, view account statements, view transaction history for various accounts. In addition, account holders may transfer funds, pay bills and buy airtime.

What do I need to use it?

All you need is an internet enabled device and browsing data.

Wrong limit for online transactions?

If you are seeing the transaction limit message anytime you are trying to make a transaction, this could be due to restrictions because of incomplete documentation. Kindly send an email to with your account details and you will be guided on how to lift the limit as soon as possible.

How secure is our Online Banking?

Our Online Banking is secured by the most up to date version of our security certificate that guarantees the top-notch security of data exchanged over our platform

Page Card

What is Page Card?

Page card is a debit card issued by Page Financials to its customers for making different

What can I use it for?

  • Allows you to make withdrawals and purchases on any ATM, POS and Online Retail websites in Nigeria.
  • You get 24/7 direct access to your personal funds allowing you pay for goods and services anytime.
  • Your card remains valid for three years.

How do I get a Page Card?

To get a Page card, kindly send a mail to We will call to know your delivery address and send the card to you. Upon receiving your card, ensure to activate it by signing into the app to get a default PIN under the ‘card’ function. Then visit any ATM point to change the default pin to your desired pin and you are good to go.

What Can I do with my Page Card?

  • Allows you to make withdrawals and purchases on any ATM, POS and Online Retail websites in Nigeria.
  • You get 24/7 direct access to your personal funds allowing you pay for goods and services anytime.
  • Your card remains valid for three years.

What are the daily transaction limits?

The following daily transaction limits apply to all Page Card Transaction:

  • Cash Withdrawal of a Maximum of N160, 000.00 from all ATMs
  • Point of Sale (POS) to a maximum of N1, 000, 000.00 Daily
  • Online Transactions to a maximum of N500, 000.00

What to do in case of lost/missing ATM cards in order to avoid loss of funds?

Login to your mobile app, or click on cards, tap on the card that was lost or stolen, click on “block card”. You can also send an email to or call 017007243 to block and safeguard your funds.


What is Page Financials’ USSD Service and what are the benefits?

Page *258*3# USSD Service is a convenient means of performing financial transactions (Transfers, Balance Enquiry, Bills Payment, Airtime Top up, Loan Balance, etc.) on any Mobile phone anytime, any day & anywhere. The service is convenient, secure, fast, and intuitive.

Who Can Use the *258*3# USSD Service?

Any Page account holder with any mobile phone can use *258*3# USSD Banking

Can Non-Page Customers access the USSD Service?

No, this service is only available to Page account holders only.

What Can I do with *258*3#?

With *258*3# you can: - Buy Airtime for Self - Buy Airtime for Others - Make Transfers to Page Account - Make Transfers To Other Banks - Check Your Account Balance - Check your loan balance - Get OTP Code - Get Your Debit Card PIN

Do I require a Data/Internet access enabled device to use *258*3#?

Neither data nor internet is required to use this service.

How Do I Setup My *258*3# Account for The First Time

Simply dial *258*3# and follow the prompt to create a secure 4-digit PIN, once the creation is successful, you are ready to begin using the USSD Service immediately.

How do I Reset my USSD Banking PIN?

To reseat your USSD PIN now, simply send an email to


What are Orange Rewards?

Orange Rewards are loyalty points which accrues with time and can be converted into cash for your use.

I do not live in Lagos or Ibadan, why can’t I apply?

We currently do not offer loans outside these places because of operational logistics. We are avidly expanding so be on the lookout.

I applied for a loan some hours ago, why haven’t I gotten a feedback?

Please bear with us, our system and approval process receives a lot of request. We will get to your turn and get in touch with you. Always ensure you complete the application process as we will only work with details we actually receive.

Does Page give loan to uniformed officers and those in the para military or civil service?

At the moment, we do not. However, there is work-in-progress for a specialized product for this class of customers and we will communicate in due course.

I cannot see my employer name on your list. What can I do?

Please send us an email at or call us on 016317243 and we can work together to include your employer on our pre-approved list

I can’t get my OTP

Kindly confirm that you registered with the phone number associated with your BVN. If it is not, kindly get to your banker and have it rectified.

How do I know that Page loans are genuine and not a scam?

We are duly registered with relevant regulators and stakeholders including the Central Bank of Nigeria and have processed loans to over 150,000 Nigerians so rest assured that our offers and products are genuine.