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Mr. Bakare Shares How He Sorted Out Emergency Repairs and Renovations with Help from Page Financials

posted on Nov 8, 2021 |   357 likes


It’s one thing to rent a good apartment at your preferred location, and another to carry out emergency repairs and renovations as soon as they are needed. These emergencies can us to be financially stressed out.

Maintaining an apartment in Lagos comes with a lot of financial responsibility. One important aspect of maintenance involves carrying out repairs and periodic renovations.

Emergency repairs, on the other hand, can cause you financial stress and begin to affect your quality of life.

Mr. Bakare shares how he was able to handle emergency repairs in his apartment with a little help from Page Financials.

“I and my wife had always wanted to relocate to the Island due to its proximity to our workplaces. 

So when our house agent introduced us to a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment somewhere on the island, we quickly made the payment without carrying out proper checks.

We had no idea what awaited us a few days later.

It began with roof leakage. Whenever it rained, we had to position buckets and bowls around the living room to prevent water from damaging our upholstery and appliances. 

Despite this, we often missed some spots, which caused our rug to always become damp.

Just as we were battling the leakages, my wife heard a drip drip drip sound in the bathroom. Unfortunately, the faucet had also broken and left the bathroom almost flooded.

But that was not all. The leaky pipes in the toilet and kitchen began to rot the woods, metals and also provide a breeding space for bacteria. 

Gradually, the drains and pipes also began to get clogged and caused slow water drainage.

All efforts to get our landlord to bear the cost of these repairs were unsuccessful. Trust some Nigerian landlords to always shy away from expenses.

This began to give us great concern. After making payment for the house, we didn’t have enough cash to fund these emergency repairs.

One afternoon, while I was having lunch, I heard an advert about Page Financials loans on the radio.

Which one is Page again? I asked.

After my last experience with other lenders, I closed the curtain on borrowing. However, it was beginning to look like a loan was what we needed if we ever wanted to fix the repairs and get comfortable in our newly rented apartment.

I quickly checked Page’s website and decided to try out the loan application process. I was surprised at how easy the application was. The documentation was lesser compared to what I was used to.

I couldn’t believe it when I got credited a few hours later. I quickly went to the ATM to verify the funds were truly in my account and surprisingly it was.

This was nothing like I had experienced before. I was used to waiting for days to get credited and sometimes the application wasn’t successful. Page changed my lending story.

The next day we began repairs and renovations. In no time, our house was completely different from what it used to be.

Now we can sleep well when it rains, without having to bother about the safety of our appliances”


Reduce Your Stress Level and Live a More Fulfilling Life.

The Bakares story is not strange to some of us. It’s one thing to rent a good apartment at your preferred location, and another to carry out emergency repairs and renovations as soon as they are needed. 

These emergencies can us to be financially stressed out.

Besides enhancing the appearance, getting your home up to date can increase comfort, provide better security, offer a more efficient living environment, and greatly improve your quality of life


Is Taking a Loan For Home Repairs/Renovations a Good Idea?

You might consider other sources of funding for your repairs, like friends or families. However with the current economic situation in the country today, there are slimmer chances that you will receive the funding you need.

A smart decision would be to take a loan from a trustworthy financial institution like Page Financials

Not only does a loan make more financial sense, but it is also the perfect facility to assist you during planned or unplanned events when time is of the essence.

You can get all details about the loans when you visit pagefinancials.com.

For further inquiries, you can send an email to customer@pagefinancials.com or contact customer service on 017007243 for assistance.

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