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Things to do on a Solo Trip

posted on Oct 2, 2018 |   91 likes


If you would be taking a solo trip soon, here are some tips to consider.

At some point in life, we all feel the need for some alone time away from work, family, friends, and every sort of responsibility, just to either relax, take stock of our lives, goals and dreams, make new career plans, find a balance or clear our head and prepare ourselves for a new journey or a new year ahead.

Nothing helps to clear the head as much as a solo travel does. You don’t have to travel far, but if you can afford a long distance trip that would be more helpful.

If you would be taking a solo trip soon, here are some tips to consider to have a productive time alone and also have fun.

Go somewhere new

When you want to have a solo trip go somewhere unfamiliar, somewhere different from your usual destination. You might enjoy trips and vacations in places known for their beautiful beach, lit up streets with music from every corner, but for a solo trip you need to go to place you have not been before with a different atmosphere. Rather than go to destination with historic sites like you might have been used to, you could travel to a destination that is more inclined with nature and less of usual. This way you begin to view things from a different perspective and when you do, you need to embrace it. Different is the new cool for you on this trip.

Meet new people

Don’t just travel to absorb the beauty and ambience of the environment, you also need to meet and talk with new people. Don’t underestimate what you could learn from people no matter the age, beliefs, values and background. This does not mean you would be talking to people randomly on the road, you could visit a spa or a saloon to get a manicure, pedicure, a new hairstyle or haircut. The saloon is one place most people are free to interact with other people and make new friends. Join in open conversation, your opinion could be the spark someone needs, you could also learn something new from other people. This is not the time to plug your years and listen to your type of music, this is the time to listen to something different in terms of music, opinions and beliefs


Experience the Culture

While you are enjoying your time reflecting and relaxing in the privacy of your hotel room, you also need to experience the culture of your environment. Experiencing the culture goes beyond enjoying the view of the activities from a distance it means getting involved if there is a carnival, get your costume and dance to the rhythm, if there is a parade, get your uniform and march along, if the food looks and smell yummy it probably is so try it out (confirm if you are not allergic to any of the ingredients). Just make sure you participate and have fun. After all no one you know is there to stop you or call it strange, a solo trip is the time to be the you, you have not explored yet.

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