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Just Got Engaged What Next

posted on Oct 2, 2018 |   98 likes


What Happens After Beau Proposes

Let me guess, it’s been a few days now after beau proposed to you, and you wake up every morning to stare at the rock on your middle fingers, and next, the little butterflies in your belly doing a happy moonwalk. Awwwn. How romantic. Now, what next?

Before you get overwhelmed with the planning of the wedding, let’s go through 3 important things you need to do next in order to avoid being a bridezilla on your day.

Start a Wedding Plan ‘Alone’

Planning a wedding is not as exhausting as most think it is, but the first thing you need to do is, find some time to plan your wedding alone. One of the mistakes ladies make is to start off by planning their wedding with their friends and family members. You will eventually plan the wedding with them but first, you need to put down the things you want. Think about the venue, do you want an outdoor wedding or indoors? The colors, the type of cake, the type of dress you want, your entrance song, your first dance song, the theme of the wedding, the makeup you want, the guest size, the honeymoon destination, and most importantly your budget. Fortunately, you have every business and vendor online, you can just check them out to decide who will do the makeup or design the dress, etc. The reason why you need to do this alone is that you get a clear picture of what you want before every other person shares their ideas with you, which can now be tweaked to align with your plans where necessary. This way you don’t begin to plan a carnival because you want to include everyone’s idea. At this stage, you also need to decide if you will be consulting the vendors you would need directly, or if you will assign some roles to some friends and family members, or if you will just give it all to an event planner to execute.

Share Your Plans with Beau and Everyone Else:

Before now, you should encourage your beau to also have a solo wedding plan. Although most men are not really bothered about the details of the plan, if beau is interested in the details, then he should also have his plans ready, then both of you can agree on what you want for your wedding and most importantly the honeymoon destinations.

Tips: Try and make this a date, like a picnic date to create a romantic moment. This is just to ease the planning tension that might begin to build up.

After you have both agreed, you can now go ahead and share it with your friends and family members to see where changes might be necessary. This way you not only make it easy for you, you make it easy for the event planner to execute it.

Get the Event Planner/Assign Roles

If you can get past the first two stages successfully, then you are just on your way to a perfect wedding ceremony. Depending on what you have decided to do in the first stage, this is the time to begin to put them all together. If you will like to assign roles to different people, make a list and state what and what, who will be doing. Also, ensure you do not put too much on one person because you trust them more or because they are closest to you. Try and split the roles evenly. If possible give a role to two people that work fine together. It creates the bond with friends and makes work easier. You don’t want your friends and most importantly your maid of honor or siblings looking exhausted in all your wedding photos.

And if you will be consulting an event planner, ensure you get an experienced event planner that is capable of bringing the plan into reality. Most of the time the event planner already has the contacts of the vendors you will be needing. But in some cases like in Nigeria, there is always someone in the family or a friend that can do the job. That is also fine, but ensure the person does not work in isolation but should cooperate with the event planner so the overall plan can be well executed.

It’s About You

When all that has been sorted out, it’s time to focus on you and every one that would be involved in the things that are personal to you. Like your dress, your shoes, makeup, jewelry, your hair etc. You must have decided who would be doing what, so this is the time to try them out. Get the makeup artist to do a pre-wedding look, so you both know what works perfectly for your face and skin type. Visit the stylist to try out different wedding dresses, shoes, jewelry and other paraphernalia needed to make you the most beautiful bride. After this, eat healthily, rest enough, do some exercise and spend more time some quality time with the beau. Try not to get so involved in the planning that you get so exhausted to share some quality time with beau.

Remember it’s about you and beau and what you both want. When you look at your wedding pictures years after, it should warm your heart.


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