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How to Plan a Perfect Honeymoon Staycation

posted on Oct 2, 2018 |   89 likes


How to Plan a Perfect Honeymoon Staycation


It’s important to know that not everyone has the luxury of time and wide budget to have an elaborate honeymoon. Which is why some couples save their big honeymoon for a holiday, for a more flexible time or even their first anniversary. But that should not be a reason to jump right back to work come Monday. After such a major life event, it’s important to have a short honeymoon period that separates the ceremony, and all the hullabaloo from the start of your new life. You need some distance, even if it’s not so far away. Which is why a staycation honeymoon can be a perfect solution especially for those that have a short honeymoon leave from work.

A staycation does not necessarily mean you have to stay at home or within the state after the wedding. You could still travel to a nearby country and still enjoy a memorable staycation. It’s a staycation because you get to spend more time really being alone and getting to enjoy each other’s company. Unlike the regular honeymoon that has you going from one place to another and exploring everything around which is more like a vacation, a staycation is less stressful and gives you more time to just be together before getting back to work and life.

In order to make your staycation a special, memorable and fun one, this article gives some simple steps to help you achieve just that.

Step 1: Find a romantic hotel

Your staycation honeymoon lodging doesn’t have to be so far away. You should at least travel to a neighboring country that has beautiful, romantic hotels. While planning the wedding, ensure you make adequate preparations for your staycation, no matter how close the country is to you. Ideally, you should book your flight and hotel ahead to avoid the stress of looking for a hotel. While you are booking your hotel, ensure you get the very best and perhaps the most luxurious hotel in the country of your choosing. If your budget is not wide enough for a luxurious hotel, don’t worry, all that can be taken care of with quick cash loan from Page. When you get one, ensure you let them know you would be staying for a honeymoon. This would enable them to make adequate preparations to set the scene right for your honeymoon staycation.

Step 2: Turn off your phones.

This might seem tough to do, as you would want to stalk your wedding hashtags on Twitter, respond to the comments on your wedding pictures on Instagram, or check who just uploaded a video from your wedding on Facebook. Not only would it create an unnecessary distraction from the main purpose of spending time together, it would also give you room to begin to analyze and notice the fault in one of your pictures online. And while you are online, you could be tempted to respond to a friend’s comment or reply to some messages from Family and friends. All that would only ruin the fun and reduce the time you spend together. So this is the time to not just put the phone on silence but to turn it off. Also, try not to deal with the little everyday things, like calling your parents or sibling to check up on them as you might have been used to.

Step 3: Bust out your vacation wardrobe.

Even though you're not so far away or in an entirely new environment, you can dress as if you were far away. Wear a nice dress to dinner, buy a new bikini for the pool, and certainly break out the lingerie you amassed in all the pre-wedding festivities. Encourage your beau to dress as if he's on vacation as well.

Step 4: Enjoy some splurge meals and Spa.

Chances are you were on some kind of pre-wedding diet or at least watching your sugar, and fat ahead of the big day. So forget the discipline because you made it, the dress was perfect on you, so it's time for the reward. Make a reservation at one of the best restaurants you’ve been craving to try and top it off with a bottle of champagne. After the meal, you could take a walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the night.

It wouldn't be a honeymoon without a couple's massage, at the very least, so head to the hotel's spa or a day spa in the area and pamper yourselves. Any tension left over from the wedding should be taken off totally before resuming back to work.

Step 5: Document it.

Just like you would if you were in faraway must-visit destinations, take pictures. You can share them later on social media when you emerge from your honeymoon cocoon to rejoin the real world and turn your phones on again. Every experience is what you make of it, so put your all into making a staycation honeymoon exotic, exciting and beautiful in its own way.

But if you would still love to splurge and go all out for your honeymoon, then that’s just fine, as you can get a quick cash loan of up to N2.5 million from Page.

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