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Enjoy Zero Transaction Charge With Page

posted on Apr 17, 2019 |   218 likes


Zero Charge is a unique offering that allows you enjoy zero charge on bill payment and funds transfer done via our web or app portal.

It is without doubt that Nigerians will rejoice when they hear they can finally enjoy Zero charge on transactions. News like this will see them sending more fund transfers, making ‘charg-less’ bill payments and being more liberal in giving tips and change.

 If you have ever calculated how much you could save or what you can do with those extra charges, you will know that Zero charge is an offer you should grab with both hands.

At Page Financials, we know you have some questions, here are quick answers to introduce and excite you about our new offerings - which includes zero charge on transactions.

What is Page Zero Charge?

Page Zero charge (#PageZeroCharge) and zero charge (#ZeroCharge) is a unique offering that allows you enjoy zero charge on bill payment and funds transfer done via our web or app portal.

Why Zero Charge?

We adopted #ZeroCharge because we wanted you to have opportunities to do more with your money; like making more transfers to your loved ones, paying bills more promptly and of course patronizing us by taking more loans or investments.

Who Can Enjoy #PageZeroCharge

The offer is open to you all our esteemed customers and to anyone who wants to do more with his or her funds.

How Do I Enjoy This Offer?

Very simple, you will need the Page Mobile App. If you do not have it on your device, kindly visit the relevant store to download and install it. Once done, proceed with the following steps;

  1. Create an account (if it’s your first install). You may need to update the app to create an account if you have downloaded it before.
  2. Sign in using your user ID and password
  3. Go to the Instant top Up or addX section to enjoy those offers. Instant TopUp and addX are also new offerings. You probably already got a mail from us about this. If you haven’t’, please let us know via customer@pagefinancials.com
  4. Make any financial transactions at Zero charge. This include transfers, bill payments and SMS notifications – all are at zero charge to you.
  5. Make your money work for you by investing at rates as high as twenty percent.
  6. Go even further by requesting a Page Card. Our card is accepted on any ATM nationwide.
  7. Pick a loan to sort out projects, emergencies or goals you’re currently working on. Loans are disbursed in under three hours and do not require collateral or guarantors.

Is #PageZeroCharge Good for Me?

If it is not good for you, we wouldn’t serve it to you at all. It is not just good. It is perfect for your budget, account and life plans. And do remember, if you pay using your Page App or internet banking platform, it would be at Zero charge meaning you’ll be saving yourself some funds.

If you have any other question about this offer or about the Page Mobile App, contact us right away? Our reps will be on hand to assist you. Here is the link to the viral social media conversation we had #Zerocharge and #PageZeroCharge.

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