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Documents You Need To Get A Loan

posted on May 21, 2021 |   462 likes


Here's what you need to get a loan from Page

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Is it frustrating when you have to meet up with urgent payments like your house rent (Nigerian landlords do not want stories), children's school fees, medical fees, property acquisition, etc. but lack the necessary cash flow to see this through? 


As a salary earner living in Nigeria, you would always need money for one thing or the other, but what do you do when your salary not enough?


With the endless increase in needs and wants and the lack of adequate resources to meet these demands, opting for a quick online loan in Nigeria from a reputable loan institution like Page financials might be your lifesaver.


Okay! Maybe you know this, but have often wondered how obtaining a quick online loan in Nigeria would be of benefit to you, the process, and the necessary documents required? Relax, this article will answer your questions.


Here, we would take you through what you stand to gain from opting for instant credit in Nigeria, the necessary documents you need, and how Page Financials has simplified the process of applying for a quick online loan. 



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Let’s go!


A quick loan (short-term loan) is obtained to solve temporary financial needs. It is short-term because repayment is spread over a short period, usually between 3-15 months, as the case may be. They also require less documentation, more relaxed lending requirements, and no collateral. Some lenders like Page Financials have provided an online loan application portal, and disbursement is often within a few hours after verification.


See how this benefits you. 


First and foremost, quick loans are easier to pay off. Think about it. it is not spread over a long period, which means you can close your eyes, open it, and you are debt-free. You can move on to other things. 


Furthermore, short-term/quick loans allow you to improve your credit ratings/score. Lenders always consider your creditworthiness before granting your loan requests. It provides them some assurance that you are a person of character and capable of paying back the loan at the specified time. 


Short-term loans are a good start to gradually build up a good credit rating, in case you need access to more funds for a longer period. 

Also, an instant credit loan is your best bet in times of emergency. You can meet up with deadlines and sort out urgent needs as they arise without going through stressful processes and documentation. 


Page financials is one of the reliable lenders that guarantees your quick access to online loans in Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja to meet your time-bound emergencies. 

You now know how a quick credit loan can benefit you, let us look at the documents you need to process it. 

1.     Statement of account: As a salary earner, your statement of account(salary) is crucial in requesting online loans in Nigeria. It helps lenders analyze your income (SALARY) and expenses. It also reflects any deductions such as other loans, credit card payments, and other financial obligations. 

Usually, the standard request is a 6-month statement. However, depending on the uniqueness of your request, you might need to provide for additional months.

2.     Valid means of Identification: Are you who you say you are? Your government id would answer this question. Lenders require any of the following valid federal government-issued IDs like

·         National Identity Card

·         Permanent Voters card

·         National Driver's License 

·         International passport

Please note, you cannot use your LASRA ID as a replacement for any of the listed means of identification. 

3.     Staff means of identification: This is either your staff ID or employment letter. It is a means of confirming that you are a staff of the said company.

4.     Your BVN: Providing your BVN at the point of a loan request, is mandatory by the Central Bank of Nigeria. This gives lenders a better understanding of whom you are. At Page financials, you can trust your BVN is secured. 

5.     Passport Photograph


Lenders also require you to fill a loan application form, to capture other necessary KYC information. 


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Why you should make Page Financials your trusted lender?


Like we said earlier, quick online loans are your surest bet in times of emergencies. At Page financials, we understand this. Our loans are hassle-free, and salary earners living in Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja can easily access from 200k-5m from the comfort of their home or office.  

The minimum salary requirement is 150,000


Here is what you need to do. 


·       Get the documents listed above (that is your statement of account for 6 months, staff id, valid means of identification, and BVN)

·        Click on our registration portal https://www.pagefinancials.com/registration/

·        Fill in the necessary information and upload the required documents. 

·        Once you complete this process, a customer service representative would contact you for a follow-up and update on your request. 


Bottom line

No loan request is approved automatically. We carry out series of verification to ascertain your creditworthiness. Hence, ensure you provide the correct information. 

Once everything checks out, you get disbursement in less than 24 hours. 


Amazing! Isn’t it?


If you have any questions regarding our quick loans, competitive investment offering, or using our payment solution to enjoy zero charges on transfers and bill payments.

Visit our website at https://pagefinancials.com or call 01-700PAGE (7143) or send an email to customer@pagefinancials.com to speak with us. 

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